Find out more about no vac

Can I use no vac on furniture?
The carpet protectant in no vac may not be compatible with some fabrics. It is advisable to try a test patch before using. If a can is tilted while trying to use on furniture, the foam spray will not be dispensed evenly so may impact the fabric. Always ensure no vac is dispensed in a vertical (straight up and down) position.
Is no vac safe if inhaled while spraying fabrics?
no vac is safe for healthy people if inhaled while spraying. However, if you happen to be sensitive to a particular fragrance, we would then recommend you avoid using the product.
Is no vac safe for animals? What happens if they lie on it?
no vac is safe for use around animals. The product contains a teflon-like carpet protectant. We do, however, recommend applying no vac while animals are not in the room. Like humans, some animals may be sensitive to a particular fragrance used in the product. If your pet has a reaction to no vac, avoid use in areas used by the animal or try a different fragrance. Aerosol product should not be used near birds.
Can no vac be used on a Persian rug?
We would not recommend use of no vac on a Persian rug. Although we have tested no vac on many textures of carpeting, unusual dyes may be used in Persian rugs. There is a possibility that no vac could have an adverse effect on Persian rugs.
How much no vac should I use?
When you see a light dusting of foam on the carpet it will work against odours but you can spray more or less depending how much fragrance you would like in the room.
How long will the fragrance last?
We’ve experienced that it lasts longer than most aerosol fragrance products but it depends on how much you spray and how much air flow the room gets.
How many uses do I get in a can?
This depends on the size of the room(s) and how much you spray on the carpet.
How do I use no vac?
  1. Shake can well before each use.
  2. Standing upright hold can upside down and press tab firmly while moving can in a sweeping side-to-side motion to apply an even, light covering of the foam to carpet.
  3. You can see the foam working as it disappears into your carpet. In about five minutes, your carpet is dry and refreshed with a pleasant fragrance.
Do I need to vacuum after using no vac?
Not at all! No vac dries in about 5 minutes.